Monday, December 20, 2010

School Break...

Well the holidays are coming upon fast.  The tinsel, the shopping, the wrapping, and all those 'great' little things that come along with Santa and Christmas.  School takes a short two-week break over the holidays, so I can hold back a bit on assignments.  I will still continue (of course!) to research for my paper, but the logging in everyday and checking on discussions, etc.  will not be needed!  I am glad for one, because I think I am becoming slightly obsessed with the login button on the university's homepage.  For instance, as students we are required to complete two posts per week (discussions) and then must respond to at least two other students in each discussion (just to clarify that's four people per week to response to), I have gone from responding to three or so to many more (up of 5 or 6 per discussion).  I have my reasons though.  One, I want to talk with different people all the time in the discussions and opening myself up by responding to them will hopefully open a communication between us and two, I like reading the posts and responding (when I something to respond to), sometimes I struggle at what to say if the post is rather short and brief, but it is interesting to hear all these different perspective on the same topic.  Sometimes, it's all the same information over and over again told, but sometimes, you come across a 'gem'.  Something that makes me think or laugh or just nod my head in understanding.

College is so much more today than simply being in a classroom and listening to a teacher.  We can communicate with each other, or more accurately, that's all we do.  Opening up our lines of communication with thought, opinion, and interest.  Sure, everyone can have a discussion in class, but not everyone participates.  Online, in the virtual classroom, we all participate and talk about our thoughts.  What a concept!  That's my kind of school.  I have to say I am enjoying the way online learning works.  I have been in traditional classrooms recently (my friend, the psychologist is a teacher and I help out from time to time), and although I am not there every time for class, participation is weaning at best.  I think the online experience opens up the communication on a different level.  It might not work with all people, but some of us, like me, enjoy the idea of it very much and do try to ask probing, thought provoking questions of my classmates. 

To everyone out there who has been kind enough to stop by this blog, read it, and/or comment on it ~ thanks!  I appreciate every word you type.  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!

Until the New Year!!!  2011...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Final Week of Class...Yea!

          One thing I cannot stand is constantly striving to do the best and ending up finding mistakes with tests.  Here we go again...last week's quiz had another error.  I sent an email to my academic advisor, he sent an email back.  He is looking into the problem and he will get back to me in 24 hours (from yesterday).  I am certain he will.  He has been wonderful at contacting me and giving me direction.  I will have nothing but praise for him, however the class and the teacher I have right now is not getting the same "love" so to speak.  Over the course of the past four weeks, she has responded to two posts of mine, that's fine.  I really don't care about that, however in our class of 18 students we have done 9 posts (discussions) in four weeks.  Out of those, our instructor has responded an average of 3.7 times.  Does that seem like instruction?  I ask you.  On the other hand, our TA has been very helpful.  She is working on our reflective papers.  This is something we have worked on for the past five weeks.  She has given helpful advice, constructive criticism and a lot of comments.  So, I guess I would rather get help from her.  I am only stating these facts to get it off my chest and try somehow to understand how an instructor can be teaching when the responses have be like the following ones I got:

Hi Allison,
Very nice post!! I see that you understand your personality work type, and that you use them in your current field. It is great to know that you are able to define your characteristics.
Nice Work!!

Hi Allyson,

When you use critical thinking you will have the opportunity to think about the underlying causes of the issue at hand. I feel that you will use critical thinking to gain the best results within your environment. Critical thinking is a process of action that helps determine the decisions or solutions for problems/issues that have to have an ultimate result. I see that you also feel that communication is another area that accompanies your growth and development, communication is a major development factor as we grow and develop

Nice Post… 

I do not see the progress and help in these posts, but maybe I am not looking at the bigger picture.  After all, I do feel I wrote good posts, so why not believe that she had nothing more to say?  It is a testament. perhaps to my diligent work on these discussions.  Staying positive through this college experience is my new goal.  I am now onto Week Five and the final week of this class.  My last assignment is to turn in my final Reflective Paper.  Next, I move onto English Comp II class.  Oh, yea!  I will keep you posted as to what my Academic Adviser has to say about those quizzes.

Until next time...