Monday, October 25, 2010

Presentation Went Great!!!

     First I have to say I did very well on the presentation to the graduate class about presentations.  I used a fake therapy called 'TER Therapy'  I had developed for a book I wrote last year.  It was so much fun to discuss my 'fake doctor', 'fake therapy' and all of that.  I think I enjoy putting that lie inbetween two truths for a story, just 'peppering' my stories with factual information along with fictional information.  I have developed this little technique for some years now, I think.  It's always important to me to make a story believable and yet, unbelievable at the same time.  The doctor, Dr. Whiete, who is in my story about 'TER Therapy' is a neurologist and pyschariatrist, however he is also a 'transidenent' that can literally 'go back and forth through the world of the living and the dead'.  Yes, it's unbelievable, though my husband who is a ghost hunter may find him to be very helpful on investigations, but the fact that he studied neurology and psycharistry and is a medical doctor puts him in a more realistic frame.  That's what I strive for --- a bit of fiction, a dose of reality and an intermingling of both to make a fun, interesting story. 

    I am now moving onto my fifth and FINAL week of the first course in college!  Yea!  This week I only have to post one discussion all about Reflection on the last five weeks, which I completed earlier and posted, and then a final paper on Transformational Learning.  I am always worried when it comes to papers because the directions are vague sometimes.  For instance, in this paper I am to write two to three paragraphs briefly describing transformation learning stages and then give an example of having one.  All right, to be honest, I could go on and on about a transformational learning I have experienced.  After all, I founded a theater group, had different jobs, had a child, married, went back to school, etc.  Yet, all of those experiences would take far too long to explain in merely a few paragraphs.  I could write and write and write.  Scary, I know.  So I'm stuck for what I should use.  Should it be very personal or should I just use my college experience as my current transformational learning?  \\

      Since transformational learning is like 'walking through hell, getting tossed around a bit, getting burned, stung, beaten up, and then being spit out' to finally realize what you couldn't realize before, maybe I should use a very personal experience.  I don't know.  It's such a fun experience...every time.

     Well, I guess it comes down to.  What do I want to write about?  Problem is I want to write my stories and another book.  That doesn't bode well for my class assignment today.

    Until next time...

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